Eric’s Letter to Obama and Congress – The Hollow Earth Network, March 22, 2013




This refers to Mother/Father God, March 18

A very powerful message. Don’t miss this!
Eric’s Letter to Obama and Congress
Dear Anne,
In response to the March 18th message from Creator, I have sent President Obama the following message:
Dear Barack,
The time has come to make the “Disclosure” announcement. NOW, is the time to do so. You have let Michelle influence your decision, and in doing so, you have just fed her fear. Embrace Love and make the announcement. The American People will be so disappointed if this event happens in another country. You have the power to make a wondrous change for all of Humanity. You were chosen specifically for this job. The time to act is NOW! Please step up and do the job you have volunteered for.
Love and Light,
Eric T Julien
I have also sent similar messages to members of Congress. I don’t know about you. However, my patience has worn thin. Sananda has done so much work to bring this to fruition. I wish I could do more.
Disclosure Soon,

Thank you Eric!  I have taken the liberty to post this as a model and reminder to all.  This newsletter will soon be posted on the NEWSLETTERS page for quick retrival.




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